U-Jam Fitness: Instructor Certification

This weekend I went to the UJam Instructor Workshop. It was a whole lot of fun, and really tiring. Hoping to add U-Jam as the third component of my classes, so that I can offer Beginning Hip Hop for Adults, Hip Hop Hustle, and U-Jam Fitness as options for learning how to dance hip hop style. The instructor certification for U-Jam has multiple steps — 1) Attend the workshop (Check!); 2) Submit a video for Assessment (working on it); 3) PASS the video assessment; 4) Sign the Instructor Agreement; 5) Get AFAA/ACE Certified (check!). Luckily I’m already AFAA certified, thanks to my last-minute split-second registration for APEX last year in September.

So next step? Video assessment. But my self-assigned task before that is to practice a few times with a group so I can get used to really leading a U-Jam FItness class. I’ll be practicing with my Hip Hop Hustle class at the Kroc Center in Suisun for the last half of the 5:00pm hour on Thursdays, then getting together with a small group of friends on Mondays to practice again. My hope is that in two weeks I’ll be comfortable enough to video myself and submit it. If I don’t push myself to get it done right away I know I’ll just leave it for the last minute. Plus I’m really eager to start teaching, so why not rush a little, right?

Wish me luck!



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